Team Member: Mike McGurk

Mike McGurk

District Liaison

Mike McGurk has received tremendous experience in campus ministry since beginning in 2009 as a freshmen. He spent his first few years leading and growing a chapter at a local community then headed to the University of Maryland to establish a campus ministry. Today, University of Maryland has a daughter work established on campus which holds services in the main chapel in the heart of campus every Sunday. Mike completed his undergraduate studies in 2015 with two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Maryland in Marketing and Management. Mike currently serves as full-time campus minister overseeing numerous campus chapters at his local church and within the district as MDDC CMI District Coordinator. He has served as Youth Past as well with the focus of establishing P7’s throughout the area. Mike serves locally with his lovely wife Melissa McGurk at Antioch, The Apostolic Church in Annapolis, MD. He is also now the Pastor of Antioch College Park which is a daughter work right on the campus of University of Maryland. Nationally, he serves as CMI Director Liaison working to train local leaders to advance CMI in the local districts of the UPCI. He loves traveling and spending time with his wife.