Awaken Our Campus


“Awaken Our Campus” is a two-week initiative partnering each CMI chapter with their local church for the goal of seeing an outpouring of the Holy Ghost across every college and university campus in North America. Beginning with a week of prayer and fasting and followed by a week of evangelism and worship service(s), we believe this will be the catalyst for the next great awakening that will sweep across the continent. By combining the resources of the local church with the passion and reach of the students, together, there will be a harvest greater than we have ever seen before.

Through “Awaken Our Campus”, we will collectively release a move of God through the unifying collaboration of our Apostolic preachers and pastors, talented worship singers and leaders, powerful prayer warriors, and gifted evangelists. By reaching our campuses, we are also reaching our cities, and growing the local church.

You can make a difference whether you are a student or not. Whether you are single, married, old, or young; your prayer, worship, evangelism, and discipleship matter. We hope that the burden of campus ministry falls on everyone in your local church, and as a team, we can bring the kingdom of God to our campuses and see many souls saved!

Now, let’s talk about the plan!

Awaken Our Campus Action Plan and Checklist

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