Mission and Purpose


Campus Ministry International (CMI) is a ministry of the UPCI and ALJC that was formed to enable and encourage local churches to effectively reach out to the college and university populations in their vicinities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


CMI exists to:

1. Seek and save the lost.

It was the mission of Jesus Christ and must remain the mission of the church, today. Through CMI, you have an opportunity to reach students from your local city, yes; but also from other places in your state, the country, and even the world! What’s more, the students on these campuses are likely the “movers and shakers” of their generation. If you can reach them now, their potential to impact the world is limitless.

2. Be an anchor for Apostolic students during a trying season of life.

Let’s be honest, college is tough. Yes, the classwork is hard and the projects pile up, but more than that, the toll it can take on a student’s faith is alarming. In a culture that sees a vast number of those who have been raised in Evangelical churches lose their battle for faith after High School graduation, having an extra anchor to help ground our Apostolic students is crucial. Through CMI, students are able to surround themselves with others who are fighting the same battle while also engaging in ministry that gives purpose to their faith.

3. Be a training ground for future ministry.

Whether you go on to use your degree in secular employment or find yourself in full-time service at a local church, CMI is the perfect training ground for a future of lifetime ministry. Where better to learn to teach a Bible study, preach a sermon, or talk to someone about your faith in God than on your college campus? Only God, Himself, knows where the experience gained during campus ministry will be take you, but it would be hard to argue against the fact that our best candidates to be church planters, pastors, missionaries, and ministers of every kind are those who have year’s of hands-on training from campus ministry.