Chapter: The New Well

University of North Carolina

Contact Person

Morgan Davis

Sponsoring Pastor

Pastor Darrell Propst

Sponsoring Church

Grace Bridge

The New Well is the UNC-Chapel Hill chapter of Campus Ministry International, an outreach of the UPCI. For UNC, the Old Well represents the most enduring symbol on campus, not only because of its age but what it means to people. The Old Well’s structure was inspired by the Temple of Love in the Garden of Versailles. The New Well CMI is also inspired by love, but by God’s love. The Old Well was built in 1795, and it served as the sole water supply for the University, until it soon got replaced. Today, students drink from this well every year with false hopes of receiving a 4.0 GPA. However, the New Well CMI serves as a place where students can put their hopes into, where they come and drink and will not leave thirsty. Because of Jesus, this is a well that will never run dry, and will never fail them. Our goals are to reach out to the hurting and hungry by making compassion our passion, and to give everyone a chance to grow in our relationship with God together.