Chapter: The Blaze

Valdosta State University

Contact Person

Zachary Taylor
(229) 300-9518

Sponsoring Pastor

Jonathan Taylor

Sponsoring Church

The Pentecostals of Brooks

The Blaze is an Apostolic campus ministry at Valdosta State University dedicated to providing students with an experience with Jesus Christ beyond the mundane. The fire of Pentecost fell for the first time nearly 2000 years ago, but that same fire still falls – and it’s just as powerful as the day it was poured out. At The Blaze, we’re devoted to bringing that fire of the Holy Ghost to the 11,000+ hungry souls that walk these grounds each and every day. Our vision is to ignite a revival at VSU that will spread like wildfire, changing lives, breaking chains and birthing a new generation of Apostolic disciples committed to reaching the world around them. The question is – are you ready to join The Blaze?