Chapter: Campus Ministry CSULA

California State University, Los Angeles

Contact Person

Elias Espinoza

Sponsoring Pastor

Maurice Clennon

Sponsoring Church

Harvest Tabernacle Church

Campus Ministry CSULA is a club established to create a safe environment where students are given the opportunity to study the Bible in reference to the great commission given by Jesus in Matthew 28 as fulfilled in Acts 2. We intend to teach different subjects such as God, the gospel, the Holy Ghost, and more. Campus Ministry CSULA isn’t meant to be a club only intended for people who consider themselves Christians, but anyone who is interested or any bit curious about what the Bible has to say. We welcome everybody with open arms and don’t discriminate on the basis of race, gender expression, sexual orientation, beliefs, or anything else! We want to come together for the sole purpose of creating a deeper understanding of Christ and provide somewhere where people can ask questions in a safe environment.